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Kingfisher Strength offers four styles of classes in small group settings of no more than 8 – Strength, Mobility, Elevate, and Visible Muscle. During these lessons you work in a group on different elements of strength training, with varying degrees of difficulty. While each training specializes in different workouts, you can expect 1-2 compound movements followed by targeted accessory work to round out a total strength building workout. Compound movements may include squat, deadlift, bench press, dips, shoulder press, and clean & press, among others. Offered in our group and unlimited packages, training spots can be easily reserved via our mobile app, scheduling page, by emailing, or by calling or texting us at 803-260-8514.



We have an experienced team that allows us to offer you the best possible guidance towards your personal goals in a one-on-one setting. Everybody is unique, so that means that together with a personal trainer we look for what works for your body based on your goals. As a component of personal training, we offer reduced rates for the open gym, which promotes the independent application of your customized goals. A strong, healthy lifestyle does not come about overnight, and we will work on it together one session at a time. Our mobile app and scheduling page below make it easy to reserve your personal training session.


Personal Training Plan

Our Personal Training Plus package includes a beginning Personal Training session, a customized 90-day program, followed by mid-point and summary sessions. As a component of PT+, Kingfisher is the only lifting studio in the area that offers Velocity Based Training (VBT) autoregulation technology, allowing immediate feedback regarding lifting velocity, power output, and other metrics during your initial and ending sessions. We use this heightened feedback to measure progress and guide workouts around your personal performance. The data is stored, analyzed, and visualized for precision workouts in your future, allowing you to maximize every lift. Want to learn more? Schedule a visit below or through the Kingfisher app.



Included with our Small Group Training and Personal Training packages, Open Gym access offers members the opportunity to hone their knowledge and workouts during designated times. Our Open Gym-only package may also be purchased independently for those experienced lifters who prefer to self-guide in a clean environment with the highest quality equipment. Email to inquire about Open Gym membership


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