Introduction to Lifting & Health


AGES 7-12

We help kids build a strong foundation and love of fitness for any sport in life. Our Saturday morning program prioritizes enjoyment, focusing then on developing strong bases for conditioning, technique, nutrition, problem-solving, and body awareness and coordination. Our program is more than just exercise — it’s teaching kids how to develop an attitude for personal growth and make healthy decisions that will help create positive habits. To learn more about our kids classes contact us, text 803.260.8514, or DM us on Instagram @KingfisherStrength.



We are the only fitness space in the Lake Murray community with specialized 2.5kg (5lb) youth short bars, used to introduce many of lifting’s basic movement patterns. Additionally, our staff is professionally trained to coach youth conditioning and lifting through the International Sports Sciences Association as well as CrossFit Kids specialty program. Using this varied training, Stephen & Hannah lead a program that develops conditioning, technique, and body coordination — skills that translate to all levels of sport and fitness.


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