Staying on the leading edge of the industry


We believe the quality of our equipment should be a reflection of the quality of our member experience, which is why we partner with Eleiko for bars, plates, and platforms. Equipment resiliency, consistency, comfortability, and performance each contribute to your progress, and Elieko is the global standard for premium lifting. We take no shortcuts when selecting our pieces, and choose only those globally-recognized items that continue to perform comfortably and dependably lift after lift, drop after drop. Learn more by reviewing our featured case study at Eleiko.com


Kingfisher prides itself on staying on the leading edge of the industry to provide our members the most up-to-date experience. We do this in part by sourcing competition-grade equipment not found at other facilities in the area, such as our progressive Velocity Based Training (VBT) platform. VBT provides immediate feedback on your lifting velocity, power output, and other metrics, which then get stored, analyzed, and visualized for precision workouts in the future. We implement VBT in our personal training packages, as well as seasonal challenges, to promote true data-based athlete autoregulation.

Guided Tour

Please schedule a visit, and take a moment to review our Tour Video to the right, which details the functionality of our facility. [Coming Soon]

Mobile Access

We are the only fitness facility in the community that uses a cloud-based mobile access entry system. Our MotionSense technology detects your smartphone as you get closer to the reader and allows you to unlock the door by simply moving your hand in front of it. Zero contact, key fobs, access cards, or replacement fees. Only ultra-fast unlock times and a secure workout experience.


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